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The association has a national structure, an executive board and eight regional groups with their own leadership teams.


The executive board is elected annually at the network AGM.

  • Frank Preuss (President);
  • Andy Künzler (Vice-President, political issues);
  • Oliver Fuchs (health, solidarity fund)
  • Dirk Langer (member admission, regional leadership representative)
  • Bernard Monod (finance);
  • Peter Sahli (regional leadership representative);
  • Thomas Wehry (communications);
  • Andy Zesiger (digital).

Our members participate on a voluntary basis in various temporary working groups and permanent committees within the association.

  • Political Committee
  • International Committee
  • network Award Committee
  • Solidarity Fund Committee
  • National Event Committee
  • Communications & IT Committee

There are now eight regional groups that contribute to the association with a wide range of activities. 

  • Basel
  • Berne
  • Geneva
  • Central Switzerland
  • Lausanne
  • Eastern Switzerland/Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Ticino
  • Zurich

The network office, network.ch website, network newsletter and social media platforms are managed by professionals.

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