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The network association supports its members in building business and professional relationships in several respects.


Every LGBTI person has to address the question of when, how and with whom they wish to come out at work. Being able to come out without difficulty is very important for the self-confidence, job satisfaction and productivity of LGBTI members of the workforce. This is not currently possible in many places, partly due to a lack of role models.

Workplace Committee
In their role as managers or as members of company LGBTI organizations, many Networkers are working to bring about gradual improvements in the workplace, an area that is extremely important in daily life. In keeping with the slogan “Naturally out”, the Workplace Committee strives to make it easier for people to come out at work and to prevent discrimination against LGBTI employees.

One way in which the Committee pursues this goal is through its speaker project, which sees Networkers giving talks on homosexuality in the workplace to employees, managers and human resources professionals. As well as providing facts and figures, they talk about their personal experience in order to enhance understanding of the needs of LGBTI employees.

Swiss LGBTI label

Together with WyberNet, network has taken a leading role in developing and establishing the Swiss LGBTI label over the past few years. The Swiss LGBTI label recognizes Swiss companies, organizations and authorities that ensure LGBTI people working for them are treated equally, and that embed professional diversity and inclusion management in their practices. The label was issued for the first time in 2019, and 56 organizations in Switzerland were either certified or re-certified in 2022.

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