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network campaigns for equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals and their ways of life.


network has taken a leading role in all political campaigns of relevance to the LGBTI community. These include:

  • The Herrmann/City of Zurich project (1998)
  • The Zurich Same-Sex Partnership Act (2002)
  • The Federal Same-Sex Partnership Act (2005)
  • The popular initiative “For the couple and the family – No to the penalty of marriage” (2016)
  • The “self-determination initiative” (2018)
  • The referendum on extending anti-racism legislation to cover sexual orientation (2020)
  • The referendum on marriage for all (2021)

network exerts influence with substantial financial resources, via Networkers in executive and legislative bodies at national, cantonal and communal level, through persistent lobbying at all levels, and through active involvement in specific campaigns.

It also supports emancipation campaigns by LGBTI groups and individuals outside Switzerland. Together with local partners, network is working in a select group of countries where LGBTI people are particularly at risk, such as Russia and Poland. It also supports queer refugees from Chechnya and Ukraine, by offering content-related and financial assistance to local organizations and by supporting individuals.

The focal point for network’s political engagement at both national and international level is the Political Committee.

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