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Our regional groups

There are now eight regional groups that contribute to the association with a wide range of activities.


network Berne was established in 1997 as the second regional group after Zurich, and now has around 120 members. Its programme is as varied as its members, featuring visits to exhibitions and the theatre, discussion and lecture evenings, and hiking and skiing weekends. The New Year’s reception, regional assembly and traditional St. Nicholas evening are annual calendar highlights.

Weekly drinks provide an opportunity to chat with other members, guests and prospective members in a relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes there is also a shared evening meal, or a focus on a particular topic (ApéroPlus) or the life story of one of our members (ApéroPersönlich). We often hold events in Berne together with the WyberNet network and other advocacy groups from our community, and also like to visit queer events in and around the Swiss capital. 

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