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Our regional groups

There are now eight regional groups that contribute to the association with a wide range of activities.


Steeped in tradition, Basel is an ever-changing city on the Rhine. Home to the global life sciences industry and the oldest university in Switzerland, it is embedded in the culture and economy of three countries. As well as offering a varied, high-quality cultural programme, The nearby Jura, neighbouring Alsace and the Black Forest attract visitors with many more opportunities for leisure activities and excursions.

The Basel regional group is made up of gay and bisexual men* who want to make a difference. Our members include freelancers, teachers and managers who work in a wide range of public, cultural and business settings, and students are also very welcome. We believe that commitment and potential are more important than status or prestige.

By sharing our region’s political culture, traditions, cities and landscapes with our members, we aim to foster community integration.

We are committed to standing up for the concerns of LGBTI people. We have a tolerant, consensus-driven approach, and strive to avoid rigidity. We hold regular events focusing on interesting and relevant topics: LGBTI and social policies, health, career insights and talks on issues that are important to our members.

Traditional social events include the New Year reception, May excursion, summer party and autumn hike. We also organize cultural outings such as visits to exhibitions, theatre performances, films and concerts. 

Members have the opportunity to meet new people, build friendships, expand their personal network and  exchange ideas. As a bonus, they become part of a friendly community and enjoy encounters and experiences that would take a lot of effort to organize privately.

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