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Our regional groups

There are now eight regional groups that contribute to the association with a wide range of activities.

Central Switzerland

With around 30 members, Central Switzerland is one of the smaller network regional groups. Our five-member leadership team is responsible for prospective members, communications and the website, events, finance, and leadership.

The events organized at different venues throughout the year are as varied as the professional and personal backgrounds of our members.

Traditional events in our calendar include a carnival party, a sundowner trip on Lake Lucerne, a hiking weekend and a Christmas party, all of which take place in the relaxed atmosphere that characterizes our regional group.

Since 2014 we have been organizing the national event series “What does … do?” in which we visit Networkers in their workplaces. Invitations are issued by e-mail. The Central Switzerland region always welcomes visitors from other regional groups and, of course, anyone interested in joining.

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