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network plays a key role in driving international connections within the LGBTI community.

International engagement

network conferences

network organizes conferences with the aim of discussing a wide range of LGBTI-relevant issues and, where applicable, bringing them onto the political agenda. Here are a few examples of past events:

  • On same-sex partnership legislation (2000), with high-calibre speakers from all over Europe, interested Networkers, activists from other LGBTI organizations, politicians, media professionals and specialists, and federal government officials. This event raised the discourse on opening up marriage to same-sex couples in Switzerland to a professional, academic level and lent momentum to the political debate.
  • On “Immigrant culture versus human rights  – homosexuals in a cultural battle?” 2007. Guests included Bassam Tibi, Saida Keller-Messali, Yahya Bajwa and David J. Bos.
  • On “Being gay today – is it still a good thing?” 2011; with guests including Klaus Wowereit, Bernhard Pulver and Lathan Suntharalingam.
  • On “When homophobia becomes the norm”, focusing on the situation in Russia in 2014, with Boris Dittrich and Gulya Sultannova.
  • network delegations also support and participate in important international events.


network has sent delegations to all of Switzerland’s Pride festivals since 1997. As a visible member of the LGBTI community, the association has run a bar at Zurich Pride since 1998: this provides a meeting place for members, prospective members and queer people from all over the world.

network is represented by 20 to 40 members at selected Prides and festivals, lending support to local LGBTI communities and organizers. This enables it to reach out to both the local LGBTI community and the wider population.

  • EuroPride Vienna (2001 and 2019);
  • EuroPride Warsaw (2010);
  • EuroPride Rome (2011);
  • St. Petersburg film festival (2015);
  • World Pride and 50 years of Stonewall New York (2019).
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