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Together we are working to ensure that gay and bisexual men in Switzerland have equal rights in law and are accepted in society.

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Support our engagement – your donation will help strengthen the entire LGBTI community.

Your support will enable us to continue our engagement. A donation will help us to…

  • … stand up for our rights
  • … bring queer concerns onto the political agenda
  • … take part in public life as gay and bisexual men;
  • … strengthen the entire LGBTI community with large-scale projects.

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Bank details
Nordring 8
3030 Berne
Account: 80-30911-7
IBAN: CH38 0900 0000 8003 0911 7
Contact: info@network.ch

Financing the solidarity fund

The solidarity fund is financed by donations and bequests. It is tax-exempt so gifts from natural persons and legal entities are tax-deductible under legislation on taxable income, provided that they are made to the postal cheque account set up for this tax-exempt fund.

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