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Together with our partner organizations in Switzerland, we work to promote equality of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people in our society.


Networkers play a leading role in political processes and organizing committees

Over the years, Networkers have played a leading role in driving political progress towards equality, and in organizing major events aimed at increasing the visibility of the LGBTI community: 

  • Co-chair of the EuroGames 2000 in Zurich
  • Co-chair of the association for the Federal Same-Sex Partnership Act (2005)
  • Chair of the CSD (Christopher Street Day) association, now Zurich Pride (1999-2008)
  • Chair of EuroPride (2009)
  • Chair of the queerAltern (queer ageing) association (2014)
  • Leading role in opposing the popular initiative “For the couple and the family – No to the penalty of marriage” (2016)
  • Leading role in opposing the “self-determination initiative” (2018)
  • Leading role in campaigning to extend anti-racism legislation (2020)
  • Co-chair of the campaigning organization “Marriage for all” (2021)
  • Chair of HAZ – Queer Zürich 
  • Launching and publishing the schwulengeschichte.ch website focusing on the history of gay people in Switzerland
  • And much more.

network: a breeding ground for important spin-offs launched by the LGBTI community

Encounters between Networkers and commitment to the interests of the LGBTI community have given rise to numerous initiatives that are embedded in the business, cultural and social sectors:

  • The schwulengeschichte.ch website, which sets out the full history of gay emancipation in Switzerland.
  • The Institute of Queer Studies, which promotes and raises awareness of scientific studies on LGBTI issues.
  • The Pro Elisarion association, which works to preserve the artistic legacy of Elisàr von Kupffer.
  • The queerAltern association, which supports ageing queer people in developing their social connections.
  • The Swiss LGBTI quality label for organizations that work to ensure LGBTI people working for them have equal rights.
  • An exhibition focusing on the history of gay organization “Der Kreis” (the circle) and its magazine.
  • And much more.

Networkers: leading the way in forging national and international connections in the interests of the LGBTI community

The most important international and national partner organizations are: 

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